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audible sea and sky

Mid-woofer: 4 x 3" (15W) Full Range
Tweeter: 2 x 1.25" (10W) Full Range
Subwoofer: 6.5" (60W) Bass Speaker

Immersive sound quality and reproduction. It has seven high-performance drive units that provide good resolution and wide frequency response. It has perfect details and accuracy for both treble and bass, bringing you a sound experience you have never experienced before. feast

Like the echo of the blue whale song in the deep sea

The ultra-clear and powerful speakers use unique bass to perfectly balance the full range and treble of the sound bar to accurately present the details of the sound.

The unique wood grain brings you an exclusive vocal journey

Provides six different connection methods for more choices and provides more different music experiences

Bring the entire music sky to your residence

The 2.1 sound system consists of seven units responsible for 100% reproduction of the low, mid and high notes of music tones, giving you a strong sense of presence as if you were at the scene, allowing you to immerse yourself in the media.

Enjoy the excitement that penetrates your soul

Evoke emotional resonance with textured rhythms and delicate vocals

SPECIFICATIONS / Product Specifications

Driver unit: 3″ 15W *4 (whole speakers), 1.25″ 10W *2 (tweeter), 6.5″ 60W (woofer)
Maximum output: 200W
RMS output: 140W
Frequency response: 45Hz - 20kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): ≥ 80 dB
Communication method: Bluetooth standard specification Ver. 5.0
Communication frequency: 2.4GHz
Communication distance: Within 10m with good line of sight Support Bluetooth protocol: AVRCP, A2DP
Supported encoding: SBC
Weight: 3.2kg (main unit), 3.4kg (woofer) Dimensions: 860 x 100 x 84 mm (main unit), 160 x 320 x 320 mm (woofer)
Accessories: Infrared remote control, 3.5mm stereo plug lead (1.5m), fiber optic lead (1.8m), wall nailing tools, power cord, AC adapter

System Requirements

Intel® i3 or AMD® processor equivalent
Intel, AMD or 100% compatible motherboard
Microsoft® Windows 8.1/8.0 32/64 bit, Windows 10 32/64 bit or higher
1 GB RAM, > 600 MB of free hard disk space
Available USB port

Macintosh running MacOS 10.12 or higher
1 GB RAM, >600 MB of free hard disk space
Available USB port

3.5mm stereo plug
Bluetooth with A2DP
HDMI(ARC) port
Coaxial plug fiber optic socket